this battle Xiwen, throughout the East and West, the so called eight CISM tigers and so on, all the CISM it exam evidence is a hearsay, not a little bit of factual basis. And list out the counts, all the children s games, Isaca Certification alone, these people actually want to get rid of Liu Jin, who, toward the old guy, clearly mind the water they are bullying Emperor Wuzu, not distinguish between right and wrong , That their many people, right or wrong, no matter everyone calls Aoao, like unreasonable to more wins. So Wuzong small emperor will be scared wah wah cry, for who was a group of white bearded old man surrounded by strange, threatening intimidation, had to cry, do not cry ah. Crying crying, Emperor Wuzong aware of their growing cry, ah, close your mouth, a ear, behind the front, left and right, is a whining cry. The original is Liu Jin and other eight people that courtiers to get rid of them, scared all the body soft, walk way, so kneeling on the ground, climbed to the emperor s little emperor side, accompanied the little emperor cry. Watching these people grow up with their own, Wuzong Emperor could not help but howl once again Why ah, this is why ah, everyone happy together, how good thing ah, why those strange old man outside the non non To kill you Liu Jin cried,

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CISM Certified Information Security Manager Isaca CISM